Project Overview

The objective of this PD&E study is to evaluate Phase 1 of the Northeast Gateway. Phase 1 is an extension of Welaunee Boulevard from Fleischmann Road over I-10 and north to connect at an intersection with Roberts Road at Centerville Road as well as connect with a two-lane extension of Shamrock Street South, east of Centerville Road.

Purpose and Need

The purpose of the project is to improve regional mobility and enhance connectivity for motorized and non-motorized users. In addition, the Northeast Gateway will reduce traffic congestion on surrounding roadways resulting from existing, ongoing, and proposed development on adjacent properties.

The project is needed to provide an alternative route for existing users of Centerville and Miccosukee Roads—two scenic roadways that are locally protected and designated as Canopy Roads. Ongoing and proposed development of the 7,000-acre Welaunee Critical Area Plan, which is nearly entirely located between Centerville and Miccosukee Roads, will result in increased congestion on these two Canopy Roadways, should a new transportation facility not be developed. In addition, the project is anticipated to provide relief to US 319 (Thomasville Road) and US 90 (Mahan Drive)—the first phase of a new regional gateway into Tallahassee.